From Applications To Enrollment With Greater Certainty Managing students enrollment and admissions is stress-inducing, time-consuming, effort-intensive and usually expensive. Counsellors, administrators and admissions’ lifecycle management leaders are all working round-the-clock to ensure that admissions management is simple yet effective. Students are looking at an admissions interface that is uncomplicated and easy to use. Upswing Admissions is the perfect bridge between students and higher educational institutions. Designed and developed by practitioners of admissions and tech experts, this suite of applications simplifies the admissions management operations leading to greater conversions.

Why Choose Us?

Upswing Admissions has an edge

Upswing Admissions has been thought through, developed and designed by those in the know. Expert administrators, educationists and tech mavens who have been there, experienced the pain points of the admissions journey and seen the process at close quarters. The blueprint of Upswing Admissions is one that ensures that the platform is complete, comprehensive and does not require additional third nab components. Upswing Admissions is a platform that gives you several reasons to adopt and incorporate it as part of your admissions management operations, but we give you 4 reasons why.

One Platform Upswing Admissions is a centralized yet modular platform that gives you greater control over all the different modules and Aspects of the admissions lifecycle and eliminates the stress of “what if” when you have third party applications that form a bundle.Know more!
Always-On Support When in need, we are there to support you. From technical issues to training, or even questions that go, “so how do I see this Report”, our team is always ready to resolve any issues and challenges that you may face. Faster response time = faster resolution time.Know more!
Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Our pay-as-you-go pricing has been designed so that you pay only for what you use and what you need with no hidden costs. You can always add to the stack later, and our quick and easy activation of the module allows you to go-to-market at speed and at scale.Know more!
Internally Developed Secure Tech Our platform is feature-rich, cloud-based, future-ready, secure and scalable which can be easily integrated with any of your existing systems. It gives you every application management that you require, thus eliminating time consuming integrations and management with a cluster of third party or stand-alone applications.Know more!

Upswing Admissions Platform Vs Others

Check the table below that illustrates how the advantages are heavily stacked in favour of Upswing Admissions.

Marketing automation Complete white labeling of all promotional and other material E.g., Semi-white labeling affecting branding and authenticity E.g.,
Integrations with email or SMS service providers Free No annual subscription or renewal costs Chargeable + Cost for annual renewals
Telecaller tracking Integrated with both, landline and mobiles at no extra cost Integration cost goes upto Rs.50,000 for mobile application integration
Payment Gateway commissions Zero Direct transaction between educational institution and payment gateway At least 1.5% transaction fee
Database Security Net technology eliminates data breach and ensures that database is safe and secure Php platform is vulnerable to data breach compromising the security of your valuable data
Admissions Criteria Question bank of 7 lakh questions
Screening Test - yes
Personality Test - yes (with video uploads)
Group Discussion - yes
Personal Interview - yes
Question bank - not available
Screening Test - at a cost
Personality Test - not available
Group Discussion - not available
Personal Interview - not available

Simplified Process

Uderstanding your requirements

Step 01

Upswing Admissions team will understand your pain points, consult with in house experts on the right module that fits in with your requirement.

Scheduling a demo

Step 02

Our team will showcase the chosen module to give you an insight into the various functionalities are features

Customisation and 30-days trial

Step 03

Our tech team works on tailoring the modules based on your requirements after which your administrators, counsellors and admisssions executives can use the solution for 30-days before the first billing cycle.


Step 04

Our expert and dedicated tech team commences the deployment process including API integrations ensuring that the system is ready to use within 2-weeks of deployment.


Step 05

Using a new solution takes time to get used to. We accelerate the comfort factor by providing training to users. So they can navigate the system with ease and confidence.

All systems go

Step 06

Rigorous testing of the system to ensure smooth and bug-free performance is carried out and once it passes the "All Systems Check", the system is ready for use.