Lead Nurturing Features

Personalised Multi-Channel Communications Send focused and personalised communications to potential leads via email, SMS, FB or even via Instagram using zero-cost ready-made email templates with your branding.
Smart Dashboard Hot, warm, cold - track and manage your leads with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to categorise your leads in the correct lead pool and eliminates guesswork and multiple excel sheets.
Auto-Response Create an auto-response to applicants directly from your integrated dashboard, and accelerate the entire admissions process swiftly and reassuring the candidate at the same time.
Free Integrated CRM Integrate your CRM with the admissions management software at no extra cost. You can now access your CRM on the web,on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere and ‘n’ number of times.
Drip Marketing Campaign Build engagement with your prospects with a sustained and series of messages using multiple channels to guide the candidate down the enrollment funnel.
Prioritize Leads Lead scores will help you prioritize leads based on the level of interest and respond to your leads first, increasing the probability of conversions and enrollment.
Analytical Insights Real-time analytics help you identify the impact and response to your marketing campaigns and tweak your strategies to prospects to yield better results.