Onboarding Management With Less Churn, More Retention Access to higher education for students requires educational institutions to be super-organized, using the best software Resources, to ensure it’s a smooth and hassle-free process. Technology fueled platforms like Upswing Admissions gives you greater control over the enrollments, allowing for speedy response, leading to less churn and increased retention of students.

Features of Onboarding Management

Onboarding Students - Features That Ensure Greater Control Over Enrollments

Onboarding solutions offer several features ensuring that the right student has been onboarded for the right course.
Rights-Based Control Keeping the number of people who can operate the onboarding dashboard limited ensures greater control over the process,keeping it streamlined, and all under one-roof, without having to log in and out of different applications.
Privileged Access When only the relevant team members access the onboarding dashboard and are given privileges to make changes, it decreases the chances of any information pilferage, keeping data safer and more secure.
Status Updates Streamlined display of leads’ status helps telecallers easily identify their strategies for follow-up, take appropriate action, and keep onboarding status updated and moving towards closure.
Central Command Dashboard The comprehensive onboarding dashboard gives the Admissions Management full control, visibility and timely information on the status of enrollments, achieving significant thrust in governance of student onboarding.