Features Of Proctoring Management

Sophisticated Technology Solution For Online Proctoring

Control And Flexibility Several aggregators use third-party online proctoring software and have several limitations in Proctoring Management. Schedule your online exams when you want, at the venue you want, at the time you want and enjoy complete flexibility and control. If you need to reschedule due to unavoidable circumstances, you can. Enjoy the freedom and get rid of the restrictions imposed by other software providers.
Data Security With stand-alone applications or solutions’ aggregators, your applicants’ data is entrusted to a software solutions provider company where you do not know if the data will be safeguarded. Login and monitor with your own unique domain id on the cloud and conduct online exams safely and reliably. Bid adieu to worries about misuse of data and enjoy the failsafe protocols provided, and exercise complete control over data management and privacy.
Questions’ Databank Faculty can set up entrance examinations quickly with the help of a question data bank which has thousands of vetted questions and answers to choose from. Select from MCQs, videos, long form questions set up question papers saving precious time and increasing efficiency. Also enjoy the advantage of randomised selection of questions that eliminates cheating, theft and leakage.
Other features that allow online proctoring at scale:
Integrated dashboard helps disseminate/ announce results via multiple communication channels simultaneously
Personalised communication with shortlisted candidates via SMS, Whatsapp and email
Control the quality of candidates with automated scoring/ grading,percentiles, normalised scores and profiles
AI-powered algorithms help generate reports, analytics and shortlists based on your input criteria

Features That Help You Proctor Better

Our Standard and Advanced Proctoring solutions offer several features that help you conduct and deliver critical entrance exams safely and securely.

Cheat-Proof Cheating during online proctoring is almost impossible thanks to AI-powered security based on retina movement and flagging off violations and suspicious behaviour. Student Authentication Live web cam recording for verification and authentication, thus providing security and maintaining the integrity of the test taker. Secure Browser Data breaches, often the result of a vulnerable browser, are no longer a challenge. Audio and video recordings as well as screenshots detect violations and act as a strong deterrent. Multi-Exam Capability Conduct entrance tests, Group Discussions (GDs) and Personal Interviews (PIs) giving you ease and convenience of scheduling at scale. Faculty Dashboards Faculty can now login to their dashboards and curate, proctor, record and review entrance exams, GDs and PIs remotely and directly, without the need for plug-ins. Student Dashboards In addition to entrance exams, students can now easily record videos, submit essays and participate in GDs and PIs. Choice of time slots, activation of exams and alerts ensures higher attendance.