Lead Management Features

Centralized Database Centralized Database Utilise a comprehensive and centralized database to manage your primary, secondary and tertiary database and say bye to multiple excel sheets.
Unique Leads Maximise your opportunities to convert by focusing only on unique leads. Halt the same lead coming in from several sources and eliminate duplication of leads with an intelligent and automated ‘gate.
Zero Cost Database Upload your entire comprehensive list of databases at zero cost. Primary, secondary or third-party databases can all be uploaded in bulk quickly so you can hit the ground running.
Infinite User Logins Stop worrying about the number of users on the platform and login as many times as you want whenever you want, from wherever you want, at zero cost per user or login.
Simple Sorting and Filtering An intuitive dashboard displays lead status and information based on the admission stage where it’s at, making it simple, efficient and effective.
Intelligent Lead Allocation Assign leads coming in from multi-sources to counselors and telecallers, with easy categorisation and criteria management.
Anywhere Lead Inputs Compile leads that can come in from any IP address, location or geography and sort them based on subject, course, college, and candidate profile.
Secure Database Your database is valuable and must be protected from online theft or misuse. Upswing’s Php technology ensures that your database is not vulnerable to data breaches and is tamper-proof.