Features of Counsellor Management

Timely And Effective Counselling Leading To Greater Enrollment

Sort, Prioritize, Advice

Counsellors are the bridge between the student applicant and the educational institution. The student admissions process requires counselors to be on-call with ready and relevant advice for anxious students, engaging with them patiently and empathetically. Our Counsellor Management’s predictive analytics helps counsellors to identity and focus on “most likely” students, leading to more assured conversions.

Monitor Counsellor Engagement

Over communication, under communication or wrong advice can prove costly for the institution and the students. Counsellor-student engagement needs to be regulated to ensure accuracy and accountability from counselors. Our Counsellor Management module helps you identify slow or ineffective counsellor performance, delegate counseling to a suitable counsellor, review conversations and therefore minimize inaccuracies and dependencies on human memory or note-taking.

Performance And Productivity Tools

Dashboards, analytics and reports allow counselors and administrators to review and improve performance based on actionable insights. Our performance tools allow counsellors to filter dead leads, tweak their outreach strategies and amplify their counselling efforts based on specific feedback and real-time analytics reports received by them.
Other features for better counsellor governance include:
Mobile app integration for in-app calling from anywhere, at any time.
Verified and qualified leads, for better prioritization and optimized follow-up and guidance
Informative dashboard with candidate profile for easy access to information to offer relevant guidance