Features of Education Consultant Management

Integrated student applications management

Channeling The Right Students The admissions process for higher educational institutions today is multi-channeled and complex. Educational consultants and admissions agents online play a pivotal role in channeling student leads and helping you meet your enrollment targets. With Upswing’s Consultant Management solution, the admissions process can sort, filter and track student applicants based on interest, region, subject and more.
Performance Control Upswing’s consultant management tool includes a dual dashboard, for education consultants and admission administrators, helping understand, review and monitor the performance of leads simultaneously. From lead generation to lead nurturing, the quality of student applicant leads can be monitored such that leads from one education consultant can be channeled to a better performing consultant, resulting in improved performance and better strategic control over student applications.
Greater Visibility Often times excel sheets, WhatsApp and other such tools serve to manage the hundreds of applications during the admission season. Applicant lead management is now more consistent, reliable and accurate, resulting in higher conversions with Upswing’s consultant management solution. It provides consultants a dashboard that gives them greater visibility and allows them to track their applications, manage student Information and pass on leads to your counselors directly.
Analytic Reports Data gives you insights into several aspects of consultant operations. With Upswing’s analytic reports, you now have access to performance metrics for each education consultant giving you actionable insight into what’s working from a marketing, channel management including education consultant management operations. You can see the number of applications being managed by each consultant and monitor the progress of enrollments with just a few clicks.
Manage Consultant Payments A centralized consultant dashboard allows you to track lead performance generated by the consultant, engage and build your consultant relationship with regular and direct communication and organize the commissions and payouts from the convenience of one user dashboard.
Telecaller Management Simplified An integrated and centralized command center for assigning prospects quickly to a telecaller, reducing the TAT and responding to enquiries with speed. Telecaller management from one dashboard allows:
  • ⦁ Quick and accurate applicant information
  • ⦁ Instant in-app calling from a landline or mobile device
  • ⦁ Categorizing prospect dashboards based on calls
  • ⦁ Timely follow-ups, minimizing opportunity loss
  • ⦁ Call recording for better recall and follow-up communication