Introduction of Finance Management

Finance Management - Every Receivable Tracked and Closed

There are many moving parts within the admissions process and efficient and effective finance management is critical for the overall success of the educational institution. Better fiscal management of the admissions lifecycle requires a practical and sensible software system that is designed to take into account the various components that comprise enrollment and onboarding fees. Upswing Admissions’ finance management helps to keep a check on every aspect of fees and commissions that are receivable or payable and is an asset to the Finance and Admissions teams.

Features of Finance Management

Ensuring That All Fees are Tracked and Paid

Finance management solution is feature-rich, and designed specifically with the admissions process in mind.
Fees Management Now you can check and tally the fee breakup against each student and if they are paid or pending. Alert the admissions counsellors and agents about pending payments ensuring no gaps in fees collection.
Application Fees With thousands of applications received through the year, the Finance Management integration tool keeps track of every application against fees, ensuring zero gaps in receivables.
Library Fees Usage of the library facilities are critical for students, and payment of fees allows students to avail of its facilities. Track if students are up to date with their library payments and alert the administrators in case not received.
Registration Fees Every student application registration fee is a critical component of the admissions process.Keeping track of registration fees helps to move the applicant process to the next step seamlessly.
Hostel Fees For outstation students, accommodation is an important factor. Monitoring financials during the start of the course helps in seamless coordination and allows students to settle in easily.
Agent Commissions Managing multiple agents is easy, simplified and integrated with one comprehensive dashboard, with which you can monitor agent commissions, discounts, part payments, and more, without logging in to an add-on finance management plugin.
Examination Fees Keeping track of exam fees for every course, every student and every specialisation can lead to administrative challenges. Now collection of exam fees can be sorted, filtered, and followed-up easily with the finance management tool.
Overdues Management Delayed or overdue payments can hamper the smooth functioning of the institution. Keeping a close check on overdue payments of the institutions’s facilities can be easily extracted from the financial management tool resulting in fewer delays, or fewer student fines and penalties.