Features of Communications Management

Experience The Power of Communications With Marketing Automation

Effective Lead Management Upswing’s marketing automation tool has features that allow you to manage simultaneous and multiple communications channels without the effort required to coordinate the same. Now give your communications strategies the edge and manage and nurture your leads for accelerated conversions with a few clicks. A single window gives you visibility into bounce rates, click throughs, open rates and more allowing you to plan follow-up strategies and convert leads from “probable” into “confirmed”.
Multi-Platform Campaign Outreach Upswing’s omni-channel communications management solution has multi-platform management features allowing you to reach out to your audience through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Insta, WhatsApp, emails or intelligent bots to manage website traffic. Optimize your marketing spends by tracking each platform for their effectiveness and focus on the channel that is giving you significantly higher RoI since every penny saved is a penny earned. (highlight intelligent bots)
Predictive Analytics Predictive analytics gives the entire admissions process an edge as it enables you to capture leads from multiple channels and slice and dice data that gives you visibility into prospective applicants, leads score, communications channel efficacy, and counsellor activities and focus on hyper personalized marketing communications to achieve better results and efficiencies.
Templated Communications Now choose from hundreds of pre-loaded email templates to send emails with your logo and content to candidates at various stages of the admissions funnel. Personalised email communications and attractive email templates distinguishes your marketing communication from your competitors, besides shortening turnaround times with ready-made templates, creating a memorable impression on prospects, resulting in greater brand recall.
Integrated Digital Marketing Easy integration of APIs with your digital marketing service providers including SMS and email service providers such as Mailchimp, Gmail, Zoho or others, helps you manage and track your entire marketing outreach easily, and gives you more time to focus on strategies and not on individual software plug-ins.