Campaign Management Features

Drip Campaigns Engage with your shortlisted prospects over emails, SMS, Whatsapp, FB, and calls, over a sustained period of time, gently guiding them towards the enrollment funnel. Avoid manual intervention and rely on intelligent systems to automate your entire drop campaign and build and nurture your leads based on user profile and behaviour.
Measure Campaign Performance How well are your online ads performing? Are they reaching the right target audience? What is the open rate for the email marketing campaign to your shortlisted applicants? Get answers to these questions with the help of filters and analytics that help you redirect, remarket and personalise your campaigns so you can hit bull’s eye with regularity and higher frequency.
Targeted Online Ads Filter leads with the help of the Lead Management tool to create lists for targeted online ads on Google or Facebook, segment your prospects, auto-schedule campaigns thus minimizing time spent on creating and executing campaigns while maximising the impact.
Marketing Spends Visibility Get an insight into your marketing spend on all platforms. Allocate your marketing budget to high performing platforms and cut down on wasteful expenditure. Boost your email open rates, measure trends, create better ads with a comparative analysis of the various platforms that can help you reach your audience more effectively and get the desired